Thursday, 11 August 2011

A little update

The Goodies Start Here!

Well,  What a busy day that has flown by, Baby sister Ruby has come home for the first time, and seems to have settled quite nicely (the true test will be tonight) IF she has any of my characteristics, she should be a heavy sleeper and eating alot.

Here's another picture of her:

Totally off topic, I found this photo of my dog when she was a puppy, She is adorable

I am obviously new to this whole blogging Idea, but I must firstly thank Carly Findlay for inspiring me to start blogging also with the help of advertising my blog and other amazing things like speaking at the Australian Taxation Office's International Day of Disability.

I'm still editing my blog, with some key information still missing like an about me, but  I will gradually fix those up, while I build my blog, I'll continue with making my next feature blog about the short film I talked about in my first blog, Definitively can't have that blog rushed, But I will certainly start having some bigger blogs in the coming days talking about my condition so on so forth.

Before my amazing song choice that will be stuck in your head all night long, I want to thank all of the readers that read my blog, I really appreciate the time you take to read and share with your friends :)

Smile at someone, you might just make their day.

A quite final word: Sign this petition, It has almost half a million signatures, It will be presented to the world leaders in a days time, It's about getting the developed world a deceleration to research more and more into cancer to one day find the perfect cure. Takes just a minute!

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