Friday, 12 August 2011

One small step for giant leap for youthkind

Pressure is on

It's about time I shed some light on some of the volunteer work on various committees and websites I do work on. One of them is the Youth Advisory Council at the RCH.

The Y@K is a place for a collective voice from all the young people at the Royal Children's Hospital, We (as the committee) Push for change for young people in the hospital. Just recently the Y@K in combination with the RCH did the worlds first youth forum at a hospital. (<Google agree's)

The youth forum brought together over 150 young people to share their opinions and suggestions to improving the hospital through specific workshops.

Some of the outcomes for changes were: Food, Color, Staff to patient communication, Adolescent space and social networking.

With the new hospital just months away from completion I'm happy to wipe color, Staff/Patient communication and Adolescent space off the black board for now, as they are right now being addressed or plan to be addressed in the coming months. Food sure, who wouldn't love a roast, lasagna or lamb shanks for dinner, but let's be fair. It won't change too drastically for the time being. Right now  I have my sights set firmly on social networking and entertainment.

Today speaking in front most of the major players in the RCH, I recapped the youth forum for the head honchos with fellow Y@kker Olivia, Loretta and Teagan who also were apart of the steering committee for the event. After speaking about the key themes from the forum, I spoke about how crucial it is for young people to stay connected with friends both inside the hospital on the wards and friends/family. Then John Stanway, Executive from the RCH says to me that my job is to bring social networking to the new RCH.

Placing social networking into the Royal Children's Hospital.

Previously the RCH has been extremely afraid of websites like YouTube and Facebook for reason's  such as privacy and cyber bullying. Today was a huge step for youth voice in the RCH, as the big executives are very open to idea's for social network implementation. How I am going to do it? Read on...

The Entertainment Hub

This "Hub" so to speak, would be an interactive program on the hospital internet-by which Movies, Facebook, YouTube and any other form of entertainment would be safely accessed, Giving the hospital their "control" but also giving the patients what they want.

Over the coming weeks I will have more information to share with you all, but ponder what change has become because of the voice of the young people.

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