Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sport, Gaming and Me.

      Sport, gaming and me.

Well, another eventful day has passed. Had some family come over to see Ruby for the first time, so I'll be sure to have some pictures up and about in the coming days. Onto what you have all come to read,

What's the deal with me and sport?

Sport: I have fallen in love with it, but I can't play it. The closest I get to it now is throwing a tennis ball to the dog, I know it's sound as exciting as it really is. In my short life to date, I have played Tennis*, Table tennis, Basketball*, Netball*, Swimming, Football, Soccer, Cricket and many more some that probably don't even count. (* Indicates able body and wheelchair versions)

I had a budding career in wheelchair tennis, being coached by some of the best and playing with players above my age group, I loved tennis rain, hail or shine. I'd find a wall in the hallway or backyard and just day after day. I was the fastest player moving around the court and had a knack for hitting the ball a fraction too hard, Too hard to the point where I continually popped my shoulder in and out of joint. I got sick of it fairly quickly and I had to give up tennis. I quickly moved to school yard football. That went well for a fair while, I kicked a few goals and tried to find myself as wide open as possible. Until the school bully decided to tackle me from behind, I broke my elbow and stayed away from footy that point on-words.

I moved into school cricket playing it on a school level, I trained like the team did and usually sat on the sideline cheering the boys on. Our coach at the time was also my maths teacher so he had a very good understanding of me and my condition. He asked me to bowl 4th and bat at 11th if he needed me too, so I was quickly up and about warming up. If anyone follows cricket, I bowl Off-spin which is when the ball spins from left to right, as opposed to Shane Warne who spins the ball from right to left. For the 6 balls I ended up throwing down (because my bowling action is very suspicious). I got 2 wickets and 4 runs hit against me! That's a very good return In my maiden and only game.

That was the only time I played cricket for the school, but it was a great experience.

My most glories moments as a sport's watcher and lover...

Met Shane Warne (One of Australia's and the worlds all time greatest bowlers)

Mr Richie Benaud (Another All time great Australian)
I was given the privlidge to meet these great gentleman and more through the Starlight Foundation MAKE-A-WISH I may blog about the amazing 5 days I had at some-point but I thought I should share these photo's as the pinnacle of my sports life.

I enjoy watching sport, especially when my beloved Carlton win, In the Soccer when Chelsea are playing and usually anything Australia participate in. I have the competitive buzz deep down so whenever I get the chance to play some table tennis or some backyard cricket I get right into it! Slowly but surely my competitive sporting drive turn into a competitive gaming drive.

What is competitive gaming all about?

Competitive gaming around he world is now a multi-million doller industry, with multi million doller player contracts to go with it. I myself was a Halo player, for all you people that don't know what Halo is I'll explain briefly, You are a super soldier who kills invading alien type creatures to save the world from certain destruction. Believe it or not that game has sold hundreds of millions of copy's, played for Trillions of hours and there is a competitive side. You work as a team of 4 to defeat another team of 4 (all real people) I played for around 2 years trying to achieve a top 8 team in Australia and I could never make it. I quickly moved into competitive FIFA (Yes soccer but on a gaming console like xbox). I won my first event at the end of 2010 in Brisbane and won my 2nd event in Melbourne at the start of 2011, placing 4th in Sydney mid 2011.

The thrill of a team competitive game almost competes for the thrill of playing a real sport, but this will have to do. Competitive gaming only mildly quenches my competitive thirst, I'm sure one day if i could play a sport for my team, nothing could compare...

Then again, thinking about it. If I didn't have Brittle bones, I wouldn't have been presented with all these amazing opportunities to advocate for chronic illness and youth voice. I'd love to know who I would be without my condition, But I live life to it's fullest every day.

Thank you for reading and make sure you share with your friends :)

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