What is Osteogenisis Imperfecta?

Well well, I assume you're interested to find out what the really long name actually means, I'll firstly explain in short, and let Google do the complicated version.

My bones are in essence, extremely weak actually to be precise 14 times weaker then the average person. What does this actually mean? Well, I'll start with allergy season, I have fairly severe allergies to grass. My allergies are itchiness and sneezing, What happens when someone sneezes and has extremely fragile bones? Well, I have broken ribs and believe it or not my elbow as-well. I still to this day really don't undertand how I broke my elbow, but yes it did hurt...ALOT. Winter is also a bit of an issue, my bones have a certain level of arthritis in them, Which cause's lots of pain and lack of movement in joints.

I'v broken over 50 bones in my lifetime including the infamous "Femur" which is rated as strong as concrete. You name it I have probably broken it.

Day to day life really depends on the activities I did in my sleep, Some days I wake and feel 100 percent recharged ready to go like i just layed in bed and slept like every other normal human being, others I wake up feeling like I've ran a marathon....3 times!
In all I have a very mild type of Brittle Bones, which doesn't make things easier, but puts it in perspective when compared to others, always remembering the times when I was in hospital all busted up.

Now for the Google explanations:
Osteogenisis Imperfecta Foundation
Wiki Link

If you have any question's please ask! :)

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